Sec. 14-31. Designated streets.

The City of Henry hereby designates the following specific public streets and properties within their jurisdiction as ingress and egress route for use the of snowmobiles during those periods of time in which there is adequate snowfall on the ground so as not to damage the streets, natural features, or ground vegetation:

Old Indian Town Road; Lincoln Street from Route 29 to Richard Street; Richard Street from the intersection of Richard Street and Lincoln Street to the entrance of the parking lot to Stoner Park; through the west side of Stoner Park along and within a flagged designated path fifteen feet (15') wide to an area on the north side of the City's sewer Lift Station; Second Street from the point where it adjoins the City's sewer Lift Station to North Street; North Street from the intersection of North Street and Second Street to Front Street; and on Front Street from the intersection of Front Street and North Street to West Main Street. (Ord. #905, 12-22-1980; Ord. #1134, 2-13-95 Sec. 31-32 deleted; Ord. #1290, 11-24-97)

Sec. 14-32. State Regulations Applicable.

All rules and regulations of the State of Illinois Snowmobile Registration and Safety Act (65 ILCS 4011-1, et. seq.), except as modified by this ordinance, shall be in full force and effect. (Ord. #1290, 11-24-97)

Sec. 14-33. Ingress and Egress.

Individuals may use for purposes of ingress and egress the shoulder (that part of the roadway outside of the traveled way) of the streets identified above and commonly identified as Old Indian Town Road and all of Lincoln Street from Route 29 to Richard Street for snowmobiles, provided that said snowmobiles may be operated only in the same direction as traffic. (Ord. # 1290, 11-24-97)

Sec. 14-34. Hours of Operation.

No person may operate a snowmobile within the corporate limits of the City of Henry between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. (Ord. #1290, 11-24-97) 157 Sec. 14-35. Speed limits. No person shall operate a snowmobile within the corporate limits of the City of Henry at a speed exceeding the lesser of any posted speed limit or fifteen miles per hour (15 MPH). (Ord #1290, 11-24-97)

Sec. 14-36. Penalties.

Any person violating any provisions of this Article shall be fined not less than twenty-five dollars ($25.00), nor more than five hundred dollars ($500.00) for each offense. (Ord. #1290, 11-24-97)