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December 16, 2019
On 3/18/19 a Resolution of the City Of Henry, Marshall County, Illinois Adopted A "Policy Regarding Public Comments"
Resolution 01-19.pdf
Any person wishing to address the City Council at any regular or special meeting of the Council shall comply with the following procedures:
1. Members of the public may address the Council during times designated on the agenda for public comments.
a. Persons wishing to address the Council regarding action items on the agenda will be given an opportunity to speak prior to the consideration of any agenda action items by the Council.
b. Persons who wish to address the Council regarding matters unrelated to any agenda items will be asked to reserve their comments until the end of the meeting after all other action items have been addressed by the Council.
2. Any person addressing the Council during this time will be required to state their name.
3. Each person wishing to address the Council will be given 3 minutes to make their comments. The Mayor, in his discretion, may grant a speaker additional time upon the speaker's request or upon request of any member of the Council. Speakers may not "borrow" time from another speaker to increase their own speaking time.
4. No vulgar, abusive, disruptive, threatening, or harassing comments or behavior will be tolerated and an individual who makes such comments or engages in such behavior may be required to stop speaking immediately or may be removed from the meeting, at the Mayor's direction.
5. Council members are not required to respond to any public comments or answer questions from members of the public.
6. Any person, entity, or group wishing to speak to the Council to request donation of funds, use of City property, or other matter upon which the Council is asked to take action must notify the Clerk and request to be placed on the meeting agenda by no later than noon on the Friday before the meeting at which such person, entity, or group wishes to be heard.

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